Staebler Law


Why choose a transactional lawyer? When do you need a transactional lawyer? What is a transactional lawyer? Perhaps a better name would be deal lawyer.

If you’re selling your business or bringing in new capital, or if you’re buying a business or investing in a closely held enterprise, you need a deal lawyer. If you’re buying a significant piece of property or taking out a major loan, you need a deal lawyer. You already have a lawyer? The same one who did your will, or handled your divorce? Or looked over the papers when you bought your house? Or handled your nephew’s DUI? Time was, most lawyers were like family doctors: they treated colds, set broken arms, and prescribed ointments for skin rashes. They did a lot of handholding.

But now, effective lawyers are specialists. The deepening reach of regulation, the growing litigiousness of our society in general, and the increasing sophistication of the guys on the other side of any deal you’re part of, all mean that you need a specialist on your side in every deal you do. A deal lawyer knows contracts – the arts of drafting, interpreting, revising and negotiating them. He knows the regulatory and policy framework that your contracts have to fit into – or steer clear of.

Deals I do: Commercial real estate –  purchases, mortgages, development, sales. Enterprise formation – corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships. I specialize in Delaware and Nevada entity formation.Commercial lending – I represent borrowers and lenders in real estate loans, asset-based and the other secured lending. Mergers and acquisitions – General corporate – commercial contracts, corporate housekeeping Color of employment agreements, compensation plans.